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The jewel of Macher Logistics is our online Transportation Management System (TMS). It was designed with you in mind. Log in any time you would like to request an LTL quote, schedule a freight pickup, print your Bill of Landing, track and trace your orders, or request any additional service you may need to keep your customers happy.

We are happy to provide you with a demonstration of our TMS capabilities to turn you into the master of your freight.

Less-Than-Truckload (LTL)

LTL shipping is the ideal solution for orders too big for parcel service such as the Unites States Postal Service, FedEx Express, or UPS Ground, but not big enough to hire a dedicated tractor trailer. The ideal LTL shipment is 1-6 standard 40″ x 48″ pallet spaces.

Truckload / Flatbed / Refrigerated /
Heavy Haul

No matter how specialized your delivery needs are, our expert team ensures seamless coordination and efficient delivery of your goods. Trust us to handle the intricacies of logistics, providing reliable and tailored solutions for your transportation requirements.

Expedited Shipping

Experience the power of expedited shipping. With accelerated handling, dedicated transportation resources, and streamlined logistics processes, we ensure your time-sensitive shipments reach their destination swiftly. Trust our expertise to meet tight deadlines and exceed customer expectations, and gain a competitive edge with our expedited service.


Unlock the cost-effective advantages of Intermodal transportation for your shipments across the United States and Canada. We have extensive expertise in managing Intermodal rail services, providing the most efficient and economical way to ship your goods as well as ensuring reliable and optimized delivery throughout North America.

Mexico and Canada Cross-Border

Expand your reach with our Mexico and Canada Cross-Border services, offering seamless international shipping to these neighboring countries. Let Macher Logistics manage the complexities of cross-border transportation, ensuring smooth and efficient movement of your goods, enabling your business to thrive in the international market.

Freight Bill Audit and Pay

Simplify your financial processes with our Freight Bill Audit and Pay services. As part of our logistics solutions, we meticulously audit freight bills and handle payment on your behalf. Our dedicated team ensures accuracy and transparency in the billing process, reviewing invoices and reconciling them with agreed-upon rates. By entrusting us with freight bill auditing and payment, you can focus on your core business, providing you with peace of mind and efficient financial management. 

Customer Specific Price Negotiations

Gain a competitive edge with our Customer Specific Price Negotiations service. We will skillfully negotiate carrier pricing on your behalf, leveraging our industry expertise and relationships to secure favorable rates and terms that align with your specific needs. 

Parcel Audit and Recovery

Streamline your shipping expenses with our Parcel Audit and Recovery service. We conduct a thorough audit on each shipment, meticulously assessing every individual charge to ensure accuracy. Our automated system handles disputes effortlessly, providing the necessary critical information to secure refunds which will then be applied to your shipping invoices as credits, effectively returning funds back into your business.

Special Project Logistics

Experience seamless execution of your unique projects with our Special Project Logistics services. From meticulous planning to end-to-end coordination, we specialize in orchestrating complex logistics for your one-of-a-kind projects. Whether it’s a large-scale event, delicate equipment transportation, or time-sensitive operations, our expert team ensures every detail is meticulously managed.