Industry Expertise


The jewel of Macher Logistics is our online Transportation Management System (TMS). It was designed with you in mind. Log in any time you would like to request an LTL quote, schedule a freight pickup, print your Bill of Landing, track and trace your orders, or request any additional service you may need to keep your customers happy.

We are happy to provide you with a demonstration of our TMS capabilities to turn you into the master of your freight.

We Handle It All


Trust Maher Logistics to handle the specialized logistics needs of your valuable goods across various industries:

ART  |  Safely transport delicate artwork with our expertise in handling and protecting valuable pieces during transit.

ENERGY & UTILITIES  |  Rely on our logistics solutions tailored to the unique requirements of the energy and utilities sector, ensuring the timely and efficient delivery of essential equipment and supplies.

PLASTICS  |  We specialize in the logistics of plastic materials, offering customized solutions for efficient transportation and supply chain management.

MANUFACTURING  |  From raw materials to finished products, our logistics expertise ensures smooth operations, timely delivery, and optimized supply chains for manufacturing industries.

AIRCRAFT  |  Trust us to handle the logistics of transporting aircraft components, ensuring they arrive securely and on schedule for maintenance, repair, or manufacturing purposes.

AUTOMOTIVE  |  Our automotive logistics services streamline the transportation of vehicles, parts, and components, ensuring timely deliveries and efficient supply chain management.

PAPER PRODUCTS  |  We offer tailored logistics solutions for the transportation of paper products, safeguarding their quality and integrity throughout the journey.

FOOD & BEVERAGE  |  With expertise in food-grade logistics, we maintain temperature-controlled environments and adhere to strict handling protocols to ensure the safe transportation of perishable food and beverage items.

When it comes to these specialized categories, Maher Logistics understands the unique requirements of each industry and delivers reliable, secure, and efficient logistics services tailored to your specific needs.